Project Description

For karting competitions

An engine packed with new solutions, to reach unprecedented levels of performance!

The MKZ RS engine is the next step on from the popular KK1 R engine.  The main new design feature is in the crankcase.  A new reed valve has been developed so as to ensure better support and a better fuel mix flow. A new silencer, providing greater strength, has also been type-approved and a cover has been added to the cylinder for protection.

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Informazioni Motore

125 cc
Homologation number 37/M/24
Categories 125 KZ2/KZ1
Bore/stroke 54 x 54,43 mm
Max power 46 cv (DIN)
Max rpm 15000 rpm
Cooling Water
Ignition PVL 105-458 (homologated)
Transmission 6 speed gearbox
Clutch 5 dry disks
Inlet type  reed valve
Carburetor Dell’Orto VHSH 30 (homologated)
Connecting rod base center 106 mm
Combustion chamber volume Minimo 11 cc (omologato)
Transfer ports number 5
Exhaust ports number 3
Main transfers 130,5°±1°
Secondary transfers 126,5°±1°
Fifth transfer 128,5°±1°
Exhaust port 195°±1°
Exhaust pipe Espansione
Fuel/oil ratio 4%
Dry weight 18 Kg