Project Description

For the OK Senior class

An engine full of new solutions.

New engine with architecture designed to keep the overall dimensions and weights to a minimum.
Homologation form
Data sheet

Engine Information

Ignition 125 cc
032-ES-17 approval
Categories 125 OK / SENIOR
Bore x stroke 54 x 54.40 mm
Max power n.d.
Max. 16000 rpm
Cooling Water
PVL ignition
Direct Transmission
Lamellar Aspiration
Dell’Orto VHSH 30 carburettor (approved)
Connecting rod length 104 mm
Combustion chamber vol. Minimum 9 cc (approved)
Number of transfers 5
Number of exhaust ports 3
Main transfer opening n.d.
Height of secondary ports n.d.
Central pouring height n.d.
Discharge height n.d.
Homologated muffler
4% oil / petrol mixture
Dry weight 8 Kg