Project Description

For the KZ class

An engine full of new solutions.

The main innovations are:

Architecture designed to keep the overall dimensions and weights to a minimum.
Changed crankcase cylinder position.
Separate lubrication between gearbox and primary transmission.
Water-cooled gearbox to lower the temperature of the lubricating oil and to contain the quantity of oil.
Dismountable head assembled by interference to improve heat exchange.
New crankshaft with connecting rod length 110.2 mm
New cylinder
Reed pack with new flow guide

Homologation form
Data sheet

Engine Information

Ignition 125 cc
032-EZ-45 approval
Categories 125 KZ2 / KZ1
Bore x stroke 54 x 54.43 mm
Max power n.d.
Max. 15000 rpm
Cooling Water
PVL ignition
Transmission 6-speed gearbox
5-disc dry clutch
Lamellar Aspiration
Dell’Orto VHSH 30 carburettor (approved)
Connecting rod length 110.2 mm
Combustion chamber vol. Minimum 11 cc (approved)
Number of transfers 5
Number of exhaust ports 3
Main transfer opening n.d.
Height of secondary ports n.d.
Central pouring height n.d.
Discharge height n.d.
Expansion muffler
4% oil / petrol mixture
Dry weight 18 Kg